Cinco De Drinko Con Seven Minute Silence

We will be at the Dawg House in City of Industry performing all of the new songs off of our upcoming EP “New American Depression”. Please come out and join the festivities. There are always drink specials at the Dawg House and we are really looking forward to playing these new songs live. We have recently uploaded some studio antics/snippits from our recording sessions on our Facebook. Please “like” us and tell all your friends about the Silence. Click the link below to keep in the loop.

See you guys at the show. Cheerz!!

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We’re Hitting The Studio Starting Today!!

Well, it’s been some months in the making, but starting today we are entering LoveJuice Studios in Riverside to start recording sessions for our upcoming EP, tentatively titled “New American Depression”.

Lyrically, this EP is a lot deeper philosophically – It’s about many things… starting over, looking ahead, putting the past behind you, tapping into a higher power, coping with realizations, admitting addictions, the human condition’s descent and its rebirth to conquer inner demons and scathe away the negativity of daily life in this post-post-modern world – the “depression” of society, so-to-speak and how its message poisons the psyche and will of individuals to remain “fallen” and in a constant state of spiritual and worldly blindness.

Tracklist is as follows:

    1. Crippled
    2. Say Its Over
    3. Magic Bullet
    4. Heavy Is The Crown
    5. Make Your Move
    6. Last To Know (The Remedy)

    Nick will first up tonight, laying his drum tracks down… Keep tuning into for the latest updates!!

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…and with our original lineup. Miguel is back in bass and we have a few new songs to play for you. Come check us out and welcome him back. We are hitting the studio this month and will have our new 6-song EP out before long. Stay tuned and be sure to check us out this coming Saturday. It will be a good time. Check out the flyer for more details.
Seven Minute Silence Live at Shamrocks

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Seven Minute Silence on Hot Talk LA

John from Seven Minute Silence at Hot Talk LACrysta from the Hot Talk LA show takes a minute to talk to our wild lead singer John Ingles and some other guests. Listen to John talk nonsense about heavy metal, cults and some other fun stuff. You can listen to the show here:

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Seven Minute Silence on 1050am Nov 8-12

Jim “The Poorman” Trenton has launched a new radio program on 1050 am. His show began Nov 8th and is on every weekday from 1-2pm. Seven Minute Silence is in the running for battle of the bands. Please listen all week to see if we qualify as finalists. We need all of your support when they play our song “Excuses, Excuses”. The program is running off of calls into the station. When you hear the song, please call in and vote for us.

The phone number for KCAA Radio 1050am is:

Thanks for all the support everybody. We are looking to record another EP early next year with 5-6 tracks. We have 3 down so far. We will keep you updated

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A short promotional video

Here is a video our buddy Ryan made promoting the band a few weeks back. You can check out more of his stuff here.

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Back at Liam’s Irish Pub this Friday

Lots of giveaways going on this Friday at Liam’s. Cheap Drink specials and trips to Vegas will be raffled off as well. Be there!!

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New Song Finished

We are pretty excited. We just put another song to bed last night at practice. This one is titled “Crippled”. It will be one of the 5 new jams that will be featured on our next EP. We are proud of this one. We are hoping to get back in the studio by the end of the year. We can’t wait to record these new ones. Come out and see us on the 8th of October back at Liam’s. We have been playing 2 newer songs “Say it’s Over” and “Magic Bullet”.

On another note we wanted to give a late welcome to our new bassist Curtis Christy. He has been on board with us for a few months now and we failed to announce the newest member. We will have to get some new band photos pretty soon to accommodate him correctly. If you haven’t see him play yet, you should peep one of our shows. Curtis is pure energy live.

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Liam’s Photos

Thanks to everybody who came out to support us at Liam’s this past Friday. It looks like we will be back October 8th so bring your strong livers. We will have an hour set this time around. Thanks to the guys in Rocksteady for helping us out with the PA.

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Seven Minute Silence in Colton, CA this Friday the 17th

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