Band Bio

Seven Minute Silence was formed in 2009 in Southern California’s Inland Empire by Guitarist Matt Bidart and drummer Nick Bidart (Matt’s brother). Along with bassist and long-time friend Miguel Caraballo and Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist John Ingles, the foursome began playing various rock clubs in the Inland Empire and opened for local L.A. and O.C. metal outfits throughout the Socal region. From 2009-2013, the band released three albums (2010’s full length “Light Will Come Next”, 2011’s “New American Depression EP”, and 2012’s five song EP “Days Are Numbered”. Although there were varying changes in band members during those years, the core of 7MS remained Matt Bidart & John Ingles.

With the release of “Days Are Numbered” and on the precipice of Matt moving out of Southern California, the band went on an indefinite hiatus from 2013-2016. It wasn’t until late 2015 when Matt and John began working on two new songs through online correspondence. In early 2016, Matt moved back to Southern California and the duo fine-tuned six songs which became 2016’s “Patterns” EP. “Patterns” was solely produced by Matt & John and without a live drummer, the duo focused on electronic drums for the “Parasites” sessions.

In 2017, Matt & John began working on 11 new songs for the next album, 2019’s “Parasites” (out now and available on “Parasites” is the most consistent record the band has released. In early 2018, the guys found someone to sit behind the kick – through internet message forums, Matt found drummer Bob Mills and the guys gave Bob the song “Masquerade” to see what he could do with it. Upon first listen, Matt & John knew they had found the right match in Bob. And thus, the rest of 2018 was spent writing and recording the 11 songs found on “Parasites”.

Parasites is a manifestation of almost a decade of metal played and shared by 7MS’s main two bosses. There is an expansion of sound that shows the progression this band has taken. Songs like “Crimes” and “Disconnect” are heavier than anything the guys have done before with 7MS, while “Chemicals” and “Whatever It Takes” takes an almost melodic death metal approach to the song’s alt-metal stylings. “We feel very strongly about this record,” says vocalist John Ingles. “There is no better time for this album than now… I truly feel happy with what we’ve created here. It’s the most potent representation of what we as a band stand for – musically, lyrically and otherwise.

When asked about influences, Matt responds – “I’m really into the prog/djent side of things and John listens more to metalcore/pop punk/emo stuff, so, it just works!” All we know is that “Patterns” is a phenomenal show of modern metal and we can’t wait to hear more from the 7MS camp. Heavy, Melodic, Genuine. This is Seven Minute Silence.

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