2012 “Days Are Numbered” Release – Free Download

Seven Minute Silence / Days are Numbered EP

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  1. Let Down
  2. Time To Waste
  3. Even In The Dark
  4. Next Time
  5. Dearly Beloved

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Product Description

2012 has been one hell of a year for us in 7MS and the release of our new 5-song EP entitled “DAYS ARE NUMBERED” is the culmination of our experience as band.

Towards the end of 2011, months after the release of “NEW AMERICAN DEPRESSION”, we began writing the songs for D.A.N. (which, oddly enough spells out N.A.D. backwards!) & by January/February of this year, we began recording for the project. With the intuitive Mr. Ryan Deramos (who filled in on Bass Guitar & mastered the controls for much of the D.A.N. recording process), we knew this record was going to be the best yet. BUT, with pleasure always comes pain & setbacks.

In March, our drummer Nick Bidart called it quits to focus on family life & the birth of his first-born. Although most of the instruments were recorded already by this point, losing Nick (and our longtime friend & Bassist Miggy) was a focal point in the history of our band and our friendship. With no ability to play live shows & the release of DAN looming in purgatory, the band was on hiatus. But like the mythological Phoenix, 7MS was reborn & reformed towards the end of the Summer w/ Scott Carlson on Bass and Marty Wilcox on Drums. The momentum shifted, and Matt & I both knew this project was ready to continue, to an even greater extent than we had previously endeavored.

September/October saw us back at LoveJuice Studios in Riverside, CA, recording vocals & prepping for the final mix. While we worked in the studio, the production genius of Miggy was hard at work from his bunker not too far away— When we weren’t working on touching up D.A.N., we continuously practiced our catalog of songs & have managed to create 5 new tracks with our new members, in just a short span of three months.

Thus, here we are, November 2012 and finally (FINALLY!), we can unleash upon your ears our melodic-rock/metal vision DAYS ARE NUMBERED. Conceptually, there is no definitive theme to the album– however, each song you find of D.A.N. points to the process of defeat, regaining one’s inner-strength, growing smarter & wiser & more stable to deal with whatever life throws at us. The album speaks to the understanding that we all live, we all die, & in between we strive for peace and acceptance that we cannot control life, but we can conquer it.

-John (“Dirt”) Ingles

Seven Minute Silence

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