We’re Hitting The Studio Starting Today!!

Well, it’s been some months in the making, but starting today we are entering LoveJuice Studios in Riverside to start recording sessions for our upcoming EP, tentatively titled “New American Depression”.

Lyrically, this EP is a lot deeper philosophically – It’s about many things… starting over, looking ahead, putting the past behind you, tapping into a higher power, coping with realizations, admitting addictions, the human condition’s descent and its rebirth to conquer inner demons and scathe away the negativity of daily life in this post-post-modern world – the “depression” of society, so-to-speak and how its message poisons the psyche and will of individuals to remain “fallen” and in a constant state of spiritual and worldly blindness.

Tracklist is as follows:

    1. Crippled
    2. Say Its Over
    3. Magic Bullet
    4. Heavy Is The Crown
    5. Make Your Move
    6. Last To Know (The Remedy)

    Nick will first up tonight, laying his drum tracks down… Keep tuning into sevenminutesilence.com for the latest updates!!

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