New Song Finished

We are pretty excited. We just put another song to bed last night at practice. This one is titled “Crippled”. It will be one of the 5 new jams that will be featured on our next EP. We are proud of this one. We are hoping to get back in the studio by the end of the year. We can’t wait to record these new ones. Come out and see us on the 8th of October back at Liam’s. We have been playing 2 newer songs “Say it’s Over” and “Magic Bullet”.

On another note we wanted to give a late welcome to our new bassist Curtis Christy. He has been on board with us for a few months now and we failed to announce the newest member. We will have to get some new band photos pretty soon to accommodate him correctly. If you haven’t see him play yet, you should peep one of our shows. Curtis is pure energy live.

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